Power transformer, part 1

This transformer came from a vintage Neva-52 radio where 52 is the year this model was built in. Like Boris the Blade used to say - “Heavy is good”. The power transformer had a valve rectifier, fuse and voltage switch on top of the assembly.

The transformer was all dirty and rusty so I took it apart, sanded the metal parts down and painted it gold.
The tricky part was the terminals - the wires used to be directly connected to a bracket with the rectifier, and the fashion of the day was to leave the wires hanging anyway. It was not easy to figure out how the primary side coils were connected together. Originally this radio could be used at 220V, 127V and 110V. Today there is only 220V so we would not need the voltage selector.
I made the suitably vintage-looking terminals with some perfboard and 1mm copper wire.
After soldering I covered the wires with yellow electric insulating coating to prevent short-circuit if the wires accidentally touch the chassis or each other.

May 29, 2021   (v.c4e983b)